A can of kombucha with Walker Brothers and Shelby Park and Bottoms logo in purple on a cream background. Next to the logos of a bird on a branch in front a landscape drawing that features a train and grass and a sun. Text below indicates the flavor is Blackberry Lemon and is a seasonal flavor. An illustration on the can shows part of landscape featuring a train, grass, bushes, and part of a Meadowlark bird. The primary colors are shades of purple, coral and yellow.

Shelby Collab: Blackberry Lemonade

We teamed up with Friends of Shelby and Friendly Arctic to re-release Blackberry Lemonade, our seasonal kombucha that celebrates our beloved Shelby Park and Bottoms – an East Nashville natural refuge and community cornerstone.

This can label was designed by Friendly Arctic, depicting an Eastern Meadowlark, one of Shelby's most iconic birds. We flavored the kombucha with blackberry, lemon balm, and lemon juice to highlight a fruit that grows plentifully within the park. This kombucha boasts notes of bright citrus, and tart blackberry, rounded out by a subtle herbaceousness from the lemon balm.

10% of revenue from this kombucha will be donated to "Friends of Shelby" for park maintenance, restoration, and sustainability efforts. Drink up and raise a toast to our favorite metro park!


  • Local Pickup ( Mon-Thurs: 10am - 4pm, Fri: 10am - 2pm, orders will be held for a maximum of two weeks)
  • $7 flat-rate shipping (if outside Nashville)

Please note: This item must be kept refrigerated.