Hard Times: Booze Finds Its Way Back to Booch

BevNet Drinking | by Martín Caballerophoto: Cody + Allison Harris

"Kombucha’s rise over the past decade has been as much about what is not about in the bottle as what is. After multiple brands were pulled from grocery store shelves in the early 2010s amid concerns about alcoholic content, brewers have gone to various lengths to verify their alcohol content — naturally produced during fermentation — as coming in below the 0.5% ABV legal threshold [...] after years of work, the efforts of a small handful of mainly West Coast brands to build a viable, standalone adult kombucha category are paying off. The category is forecasted to grow 75% in the U.S. by 2025[...]"

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Walker Brothers Kombucha | Tell Me I’m Pretty High Gravity Kombucha

Porch Drinking | by Jereme Zimmermanphoto: MJ McGeeney

A bottle of Tell Me I'm Pretty Barrel Aged Kombucha on a table next to a wine glass

"Nashville’s Walker Brothers Kombucha, brewers of high-gravity (i.e., alcoholic) kombucha, have an exciting new product: Tell Me I’m Pretty High Gravity Kombucha. As with their other category-bending brews, Tell Me I’m Pretty isn’t technically a beer, but shares a lot of commonalities with Fruited Beers, Sours and Lambics."

Hopped Beverages Are the No-ABV Drink of Summer

FOOD 52 | by Courtney Iseman

"Hops are one of beer’s most integral ingredients, and beer is one of the world’s oldest beverages. As such, the relationship between hops and beer is a long one: German monks started adding hops to beer for preservation and flavor in the 8th century. It has always seemed an exclusive pairing, but recently, hops have been popping up in other beverages (alcoholic and not), demonstrating why they’re special along the way."

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5 kombucha cocktail recipes to try at home, from Nashville's Walker Brothers

Southern Kitchen | by Mackensy Lunsford, photo: MJ McGeeney 


"Walker Brothers, a Nashville-based kombucha brewery that makes completely delicious and decidedly not-gross kombucha, has teamed up with industry veteran Will Benedetto to develop some craft cocktail recipes for you to try at home."

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15 Best Hard Kombuchas That Can Be Delivered Straight to Your Door

Good Housekeeping | by Alyssa Jung

"Sipping this hard kombucha might feel like sharing a drink with a relative or close friend. That's because the company was founded by two brothers who use their aunt's signature SCOBY to brew craft hard kombucha in Nashville, Tennessee."

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Walker Brothers Craft Kombucha Now Available in South Carolina

by Holy City Sinner 

"Walker Brothers craft kombucha is now available for statewide distribution in South Carolina, as well as Massachusetts and the city of Memphis, Tennessee."
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Tasting Success: Walker Brothers Kombucha Is Upsizing

Nashville Scene | by Kathryn Rickmeyer, photo: Daniel Miegs 
Close up shot of a mixed 4 pack of hard kombucha - Ginger, Watermelon Lime and Citra

"The pandemic stifled entrepreneurial activity all over, especially within the food and beverage industry. But it didn’t sour the success of one Nashville beverage business."

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Walker Brothers Beverage Co. | Rest in Peach High Gravity Kombucha

Porch Drinking | by Jereme Zimmermanphoto: MJ McGeeney

Bottle of Rest in Peach Kombucha

"Rest in Peach is a 7% ABV high-gravity kombucha aged in Tennessee Whiskey barrels from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. To make it they started with a high gravity kombucha base, which they added to barrels with a Chai Tea blend, and let it condition for nine months. At this point it was delicate and dry, almost wine-like…but they weren’t done yet. They then re-fermented it on 80 pounds of Georgia peaches from The Peach Truck.

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A Kombucha for Every Hike This Fall

The Local Palate

"With peak foliage season in our midst, we’re jumping at any opportunity to escape outside and do a little leaf peeping. And a beverage to sip along the way makes any outdoor excursion, from a mountain hike to a neighborhood stroll, better. You need a drink that travels well, light enough to keep you going, and, heaven forbid, not packaged in glass."

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Walker Brothers High Gravity Craft Kombucha Announces Distribution in Georgia

The Beer Connoisseur

"Walker Brothers High Gravity craft kombucha is now available in Georgia through the brand’s recent partnership with family owned and operated distributor Atlanta Beverage Company."

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Walker Brothers Announces Wholesale Distribution in Philadelphia


"Walker Brothers High Gravity craft kombucha is now available in Philadelphia through the brand’s recent partnership with locally-based high-end craft beer distributor, 31st & Wharton."

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As Hard Seltzer Interest Wanes, Hard Kombucha Gains Momentum

Forbes | by Kate Dingwall

"As the hard seltzer sector remains in flux, a new subcategory of beverages is vying for drinker’s attention: hard kombucha."

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Siblings brew traditional and alcoholic kombucha in Nashville

Tennessean | by Cole Villena

"Sam and Luke Walker have always had a lot in common, from a shared love of music to shared homes in their native Boston and in Nashville. But the idea of working together never crossed their minds[...]"

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Reviewing The Best Hard Kombucha Brands Of 2021

BroBible | by Maya Allunario and John Thompson

"These days we can’t keep track of all the new brands releasing their own hard seltzer. Aside from acknowledging our favorites, the rest have begun to blur together.

One new kind of drink we’re enjoying right now is hard kombucha."

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The 16 Best Hard Kombuchas

VinePair | by Emma Cranston, 

"Many hard kombuchas already rely on effervescence and heavy spice as a backbone, so ginger has become a frequent guest star in every brew, with a competitive claim across the category. [High Gravity Ginger] flavor proved itself to be one of the most balanced offerings in the entire category."

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Walker Brothers Announces Wholesale Distribution in North Carolina


"Beginning Monday, April 12, Walker Brothers craft kombucha will be available in North Carolina through the brand’s recent partnership with Charlotte-based craft beverage distributor, Artisan Beverage Group."

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The Best Hard Kombucha to Drink Right Now

HopCulture | by John Paradiso 

Three cans of walker brothers kombucha: high gravity ginger, high gravity plum + sea salt, high gravity citra

"Like craft beer, hard kombucha can be extremely complex. It also showcases a wide range of flavors and acidity levels, and even purports to offer health benefits." 

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